Quit Smoking and Your Food Will Taste MUCH Better!

Give Up Smoking & Your Food Will Taste Better

One of life’s greatest blessings to mankind is the ability to savor food. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this amazing gift. The saddest part is that some people’s sense of taste is not something they can truly enjoy. Rather, their excessive smoking habits damaged their taste buds.

One of the most common complaints that chain smokers have is that their food tastes bland, even though it was prepared by skilled chefs.

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In most articles about health, this medical condition is known as dysgeusia.

What is dysgeusia?

This disorder is mostly caused by taking too much nicotine and tar – the most abundant components found in cigarettes or tobacco. When consumed in large amounts, the ingredients damage the small particles in your tongue that help you perceive flavors.

Smoking also dulls your sense of smell

To understand the connection between your sense of smell and taste, try this experiment at home:

  1. Wrap a blindfold around your eyes.
  2. Ask your friend to pick a food (don’t let them tell you what it is!) and place it in your food.
  3. Try to identify what you ate.
  4. With a different food item, repeat step number 2 but, this time, pinch your nose first before eating.

The sensation of flavor is determined by the taste (sweet, spicy, sour, etc) and the smell of the food. If your nose is not working, your food will taste bland.

That is also the reason why smokers can withstand the pungent tobacco odors as compared to people who do not smoke.

Other problems with excessive smoking

While reading this article, you are probably thinking, “My sense of taste doesn’t matter much, right?”

That’s where you’re wrong. Even a simple chore like preparing coffee can be difficult and dangerous if what you taste is total blandness. If you have a dull tongue, you may not sense the bitterness of the coffee grounds, and thus, you keep adding more. Too much caffeine can cause hyperventilation. In addition, this disorder also prevents you from identifying toxic ingredients in your food.

There are a whole list of ways you can quit smoking to make your food taste better such as different types of food and drinks which can help reduce cravings Or you can use hypnotherapy at Quit Smoking Melbourne Hypnosis Clinic


Will your sense of taste and smell return?

If you are dedicated to quit smoking and properly rehabilitate yourself, your sense of smell and taste will gradually come back. Once the nicotine is removed from your system, your taste buds will recover immediately.

Maintain a balanced diet and eat regularly to help improve the healing process and control yourself when you feel the urge to smoke.

Your sense of taste is important in your life so make sure that you take care of your body!